Just at home

November 13th 2014   Filed under Lazy, Xanth, Xanth books - Posted At: 11:23 am

I’m kinda bored. I haven’t been on in a while again but I do check in once in a while. Facebook is easier to maintain but my online life has been overcome by my real life & being a grownup. ;) I did recently finish reading the newest book in the Xanth series by Piers Anthony & I thought it was pretty good. *spoilers possible* I did find that there was a lot of rape references & it seems to be increasing lately, but all in all, a good story. There is also a gay character in the story & I thought that intriguing as Xanth is pretty reliant upon men being kept in their place by women and their underwear. I wonder how it’ll turn out? Piers is getting up there in the years so I hope he can get some more books out in time. His FaceBook page is decently active & shows him still out & about, living an active lifestyle as he ages.


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