Just watching TV

April 10th 2015   Filed under Baby, Xanth, Xanth books - Posted At: 10:29 pm

3Hello there, it’s been several months since I last blogged. Nothing much has changed. I have a new job, I’m no longer military. It’s a new adventure right now and I’m taking it one day at a time. My son is growing every day and it seems to be flying by. He’s talking regularly and more clearly all the time and has his little attitude already. I can’t believe I’ve raised such a rebel, he says no to everything.

In Xanth news, I finished the most recent book by Piers Anthony, called Five Portraits and it was pretty good. It seems the series is pretty focused on puns and the characters’ struggle to rid Xanth of them. The books are still very entertaining, but the pun hunting is tiresome sometimes.


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